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拉丁舞英文,我的爱好 my hobby英语作文:我爱拉丁舞

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Each child has their own interests, I am no exception, my hobbies is Latin dance.

I Yiming children's art school in Latin dance has been four years. Since the beginning of 7 years old, I learned Latin. I have two dance teachers: Wu and Li, two teachers were very good to us, when they lecture amiable attitude, do demonstration action standards seriously. In guiding our actions when hands-on teaching, and stood beside us personally repeated demonstration, let us learn, but also to guide our very patient.

I studied dance in the process, I also know a lot of small partners outside the school, although we can meet once a week, but we are always concerned about each other, care each other. Dance class students are very good for me, especially my little partner, she treated me well. I remember once, I was sick to delay a lesson in my getting better go to class, she offered to help me put on the fall curriculum supplement, also repeated practice with me, tired of her sweat, I said to her: "We take a break now, see you sweat." She smiled and said to me: "Nothing." So we have a serious practice, I soon learned.

Since learning to dance, so I enhanced the self-confidence to do anything very courageous, no longer afraid. I remember my first game, my grandmother as I did a new performance clothing, top with numerous dazzling sequins Diamond and beautiful, though I prepared very well, but my heart is still very tense. In the background waiting field, I and other small partners refuel each other encouragement. When the sounds of the music sounded, small partner dragged me by the hand to move forward, I feel nervous to the extreme, he went to the central station when I see the audience there are so many spectators, as well as a bright light shining on us, I felt like a little star, relaxed mood down immediately, the tension gradually calm, self-confidence back. Without tension, fear of feeling, I successfully performed a set of dance movements, performed very well. Back to dance classes, we have been unanimously praised the teacher, I feel very happy.

By learning to dance, not only enhanced my confidence, so I no longer afraid to do things, but also know a lot of friends. They will help me in learning to dance, so I have made great progress and harvest. In the next life, I not only want to study hard, and to work harder to learn dance and other knowledge I need to learn to continue to enrich myself, so my interest, hobby has become an important part of my life.






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