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字典[zì diǎn]


dictionary ; wordbook

网 络dictionary;Dictionaries;DICT;SlovoEd



This dictionary has over 30000 entries.


You should make a reference to a dictionary.


That dictionary belongs to me.



He mastered these words through the arduous consultation of the dictionary.


You should look up the right pronunciation of this word in the dictionary.


Producing a dictionary is a slow process.


This dictionary cost twice as much as that one.


He is what we call a walking dictionary.


He has no dictionaries other than a small one.

1. He had to consult a pocket dictionary. 他只好去查袖珍字典。

2. Anybody who compiles a dictionary has to know his alphabet backwards. 无论谁编字典都得把字母表记得熟透.

3. The phrase is labelled as slang in the dictionary. 这个短语在这本字典里被注为俚语.

4. It's been a long haul but at last this dictionary is published. 经过千辛万苦这部字典才终于得以问世.

5. I read English magazines with the help of a dictionary. 我借助字典翻阅英文杂志.

6. The examples in that dictionary are in italic type. 那本字典的例句是用斜体字印刷的.

7. Perhaps you might chance upon the dictionary at some old bookstall. 或许你会在旧书摊上偶然发现这本字典.

8. You'll have to hunt up the word in the dictionary. 你须在字典里查找这个字.

9. A dictionary explains words and an encyclopedia explains facts. 字典解释词而百科全书解释事实.

10. I don't like that new dictionary, besides, it's too expensive. 我不喜欢那本新字典, 另外, 它也太贵.

11. If you have no idea about it, consult a dictionary, please. 要是你对这个问题不清楚, 请你查字典得了.

12. The regulations specify that you may use a dictionary in the examination. 规则规定考试时可使用字典.

13. This dictionary should be your Bible when studying English. 学习英语时,这本字典应是你的主要参考书.

14. This dictionary will be of great benefit to me. 这部字典将对我有很大裨益.

15. This dictionary will hold the field. 该字典将保持它的权威性.

16. The professor is drudging at dictionary - compiling. 教授正在辛苦地编字典.

17. He was still driving away at his dictionary. 他仍在孜孜不倦地编字典.

18. When will the dictionary come out? 那本字典什么时候出版?

19. She expressed anxiety for a new dictionary. 她渴望得到一本新字典.

20. Every word in this dictionary is important. 这本字典每一个词都很重要.